When chartering a private jet, travelers can cut costs by choosing
the ideal aircraft for each individual journey they make


When flying by private jet charter, travelers can guarantee that their plane will always be suited to their destination.

The biggest indicator of an aircraft’s price is its size. The most compact options are turboprops and light jets, which are designed for short, regional flights. Travelers looking for enough space to move around the cabin can opt for a midsize or super-midsize jet, which typically seat seven to nine passengers.

For ample space and total luxury, choose a heavy jet or a luxury executive airliner. These models have high ceilings, enclosed lavatories and the option to travel with flight attendants. This category is the most luxurious and expensive.

Given the high price of ownership, chartering a private jet is a better option for the majority of travelers. Private charter passengers enjoy the perks without having to deal with expensive maintenance fees. While there are fees when a passenger flies by jet charter – like fuel, airport handling fees, hangar parking, crew costs and passenger taxes – avoiding maintenance costs can save you millions in the long term.




Fly at a time that suits you, from any worldwide airport. Experience an unrivaled level of luxury, safety, and privacy. We offer our clients a complete VIP service on every charter.

We are proud of our commitment to delivering an exceptional customer experience and tailoring our specialist services to meet the bespoke needs of each of our clients.

No two journeys are ever the same, and with air charter bases in Europe and Asia, with preferred partners all over the world, we the capacity to fly you anywhere in the world, in an aircraft that suits your requirements, every time.

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